How to Pack for a Cycling Trip

Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash

One of the most fun things you can do with a group of like-minded friends is going on a bike trip. Many states and countries in Europe are very bike-friendly, with dedicated routes through the countryside and safe bike lanes in the cities. But what does one need to pack when going off on such adventure?

A helmet

Make sure you bring a helmet that fits you comfortably as you’ll be spending every day wearing it for hours, best not leave things to chance.

Bags: saddle bag, handlebar bag, and a trunk bag

You’re going to be away for days, and your bike is your vehicle and your storage. Make sure you consider your ability to cycle with heavyweight before deciding on what bags to bring and don’t forget the weight of the cargo rack if you’re planning on a trunk bag!


Even if you’re not planning on cycling in the dark, best not leave things to chance with your safety. Be sure to have a headlight, a taillight, and some spares.

Water supply

Set up a couple of bottle cages on your bike, and perhaps a hydration pack if you want to be able to drink without stopping.

Bike accessories

Bring the basics: handlebar mirrors, several locks and chains, a good reliable pump, a repair kit including spare tubes and a multi-tool, and some zip ties. You won’t regret it.