How to Make Your Hollywood Walk of Fame Visit More Enjoyable

Celine Dion receiving a start on the Hollywood walk of fame in 2004.
Celine Dion receiving a start on the Hollywood walk of fame in 2004. Photo by STEWART COOK/REX/Shutterstock (440495n)

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is the world’s most famous sidewalk and one of L.A.’s top tourist attractions. Seeing it in person can be pretty overwhelming, but here are a couple of steps you should take to make your visit less disappointing.

Take Your Time

The Hollywood Walk of Fame features over 2,500 stars and looking for the one that’s dedicated to your favorite actor may take time. It’s possible to do the research beforehand, but it’s much more enjoyable to look for the star yourself and be overwhelmed by joy once you’ve found it.

Perfect Picture

This famous sidewalk is one of those attractions that most people visit to take great photos so don’t leave without one. You can even take photos with local performers dressed as beloved fictional characters, just make sure you’re ready to tip them generously.

Right Time

Hollywood Boulevard will be pretty crowded, no matter when you visit it, but you should still do it during the daytime. Early morning is the best possible option, but any time during the day works since it’s more difficult to look for the stars and take good photos once it’s dark outside.