Go by Bus, But Make it Fun!

Photo by Juan Encalada on Unsplash

Long before low-cost flights and super fast trains, were bus trips. For any long-distance trip, you had the option to board a coach. Nowadays it’s mostly a budget choice to take the coach, but it doesn’t have to feel cheap simply because it is cheap.


The keyword idea is to make it accessible. While your large luggage or backpack would go in the bottom storage, you’ll probably bring a smaller bag with you. Even within that, make sure to separate into a tote bag some necessities like your water bottle, phone charger, and maybe a snack, to allow for quick access. Keep the tote with you, keep your wallet in it as well so you can easily take it with you when there is a break.

Be Cozy

Just like in flights, you have limited control over the temperature and light during your trip. Be prepared with a large scarf you can use as a blanket, a beany that can cover your eyes, and weak layers you can peel off if it suddenly becomes too warm.

Keep Your Hygiene

Bring with you several types of tissue paper. Napkins for your food, sterile wipes for the bathroom, and facial tissues to wipe your face or your nose if the air conditioning becomes too intense.