Fantastic Job Opportunity: Rate Theme Parks in Florida

Universal, Orlando. Photo by Erasto Chávez on Unsplash

Is it just us, or does spending three weeks rating theme parks in Orlando, Florida, sounds like a perfect vacation? It’s even better than that: one chosen person will have a chance to spend three weeks testing theme parks and they will be paid around $4,000 to do that! 

According to Metro, a company from the U.K. called Ocean Florida has a job opening for an exciting position. They want to send one market researcher to Orlando who will test theme parks and share his/her findings on social media. The requirements for this position is that a person is over 18, social media savvy, and skilled in taking great photos and videos. The job includes posting the experience on Instagram, filming everything, and reporting about things to do.

The chosen applicant will have a chance to bring a friend, for whom all the expenses will be paid. The friend will get a Go-Pro and a Fit Bit to use on the trip. Anyone who’s interested can apply until January 31st, 2020. Good luck!