Every Frequent Flyer Should Know About These Websites

Photo by Jordan Sanchez on Unsplash

If you utilize air travel frequently, you probably know that the internet makes this method of travel much easier.

Gone are the days of calling a travel agent to arrange flights for you. Now, you can simply arrange your travel online in order to reach your destination.

What you might not know is that there are some websites that do more than just book flights for you. You can find all kinds of useful air travel information online beyond just booking reservations.

Here are our three flight website recommendations to become an expert flyer.


For our money, this is the best website to use when you’re looking to book a flight. This booking website gives users all kinds of options. From flexible date searches to layover filters, you can truly personalize your travel at Momondo. And don’t stress about the price, because this website always finds the cheapest deals.


Not sure where to sit on a plane or what types of amenities your flight offers? You have to check out SeatGuru. This website tells you which are the best seats to sit in as well as what kinds of food, drink, and entertainment options your flight will have.

Flight Aware

If you’re looking to track your flight or see what kind of path your airplane will take, Flight Aware is an indispensable resource. You can track your connecting flights in real time and see which path your jet took when you flew over those beautiful mountains.