Don’t Overlook Belgium on a European Vacation

Dinant, Belgium
Dinant, Belgium. Photo by Alex Vasey on Unsplash

For many of us, Europe means Italy, France, Spain, or Greece—the warm, sun-drenched countries that sit beside the Mediterranean Sea and promise delicious food and relaxing breaks. While these countries are indeed stunning and definitely merit a visit, northern Europe also has some gems just waiting to be discovered. The small country of Belgium fits a lot into its compact size. If you’re thinking of visiting, or want to know more about this small but mighty country, then read on to discover three reasons to visit Belgium.

Beer Tasting

Belgian people take their beer very seriously, and the country is home to countless ancient and modern breweries. Every city boasts pubs and bars that serve artisanal ales and fine lagers, and there is a great food culture to go alongside this beer obsession. However, don’t imagine that most Belgian people are going out and drinking for hours every night—like most European countries, the drinking culture is relatively healthy and people tend to enjoy a drink with friends or colleagues after work, every now and again.

Admire the Architecture

Belgian boasts some really stunning cities, including Ghent, Bruges, and Antwerp. Expect to find wide, sweeping squares, tiny cobbled canal-side streets, and ancient, wood-structured buildings. Simply walking around the streets of most Belgian cities is an experience in itself, or of course, you could always go via water and hop into a boat that will carry you through the canals and waterways.

Bike Around

Like its neighbor the Netherlands, Belgium is incredibly flat as a country. Whilst this means that mountain hiking is out, cycling is definitely in. Bike down the canal footpaths, through the city streets, or out into the stunning countryside. The prioritization of bikes means that cycling is relatively safe and if you can’t bring your own bike, you’ll find plenty to hire.