Does the Town of Squahamish from “The Half of It” Really Exist

Leah Lewis and Daniel Diemer in "The Half of It"

Netflix gave us another amazing teen drama with The Half of It, and if you’re a passionate traveler, its beautiful filming locations were one of the first things that caught your eye. This coming-of-age story is set in the small town of Squahamish, but is this place actually real?

If you take a second to Google the name of the town where Ellie Chu and her dad built a new life after coming to the US, you’ll quickly learn that Squahamish doesn’t actually exist. It’s a fictional town that’s only real in the universe of The Half of It – but you can still visit the places where this movie was filmed.

Alice Wu created the small-town feel by filming across several places in the state of New York, including Old Forge, Haverstraw, Suffern, Piermont, Pelham, Orangetown, and Cornwall. Ellie’s picturesque bike rides were filmed down the Moodna Viaduct, previously featured in Michael Clayton.

The list of memorable places from the movie also includes the Adirondack Scenic Railroad train station in Old Forge, Sparky’s Diner in Garnerville where Paul and Aster went on a date, and the Palisades Interstate Park, which served as a setting for Aster’s and Ellie’s forest escapade.