Dallol, Ethiopia is the Hottest Inhabited Place on Earth

Photo by Trevor Cole on Unsplash

If you’re craving an unusual journey, perhaps Dallol, Ethiopia is your perfect destination.

The unique thing about this place is that it’s the hottest (and driest) inhabited location on the planet.

Dallol Desert is located in the Afar Region of north-east Ethiopia and is a home of few active volcanoes, including Arta Ale. There are multiple lava lakes and sulfur pools that give the area its unique colorful look.

You may think that the photos have been enhanced using the software, but they are actually as real as possible.

Visiting Dallol is an adventure that can potentially be dangerous. If you decide to do it, be prepared for hours of driving, taking extra steps to stay hydrated, and sleeping in very basic accommodations. Don’t attempt to go anywhere without a local guide and armed escort.