“Compass and Fork” Combines Travel and Food Seamlessly

As we slowly test the waters of life after the pandemic we feel an ever-growing hunger for travel—culinary travel that is. “There is no love sincerer than the love of food,” said George Bernard Shaw, and we couldn’t agree more. While food, on its basis, is part of our day-to-day, on a larger scale it represents an important part of the way we experience the world, a true expression of our cultural identity.

Eating, one might argue, is education, and food—as the focus of celebrations and casual get-togethers—has a way of bringing us together. When it comes to traveling, experiencing different dishes can shed light on other people’s way of life, their cultural values, and their identities.

No one understands this notion better than traveling duo Mark and Elizabeth Rudd. The couple behind travel and food blog Compass & Fork, their brand marries food and travel together seamlessly. Their website includes dedicated sections for recipes and travel tips, with selected blog posts such as “How to Cook Greek Lamb Roast at Home” and a “Guide to the Fabulous Melbourne Markets”.

“We tend to be independent, active travelers,” the couple shared in an interview with Travel Awaits. “Our travel style is affordable luxury. You won’t find hostels or budget travel, but you’ll find great value, unique accommodation, and experiences.”