Check Out This Incredible Timelapse From a Container Ship

Traveling around the world is a dream of many people and some get to live the dream. One of them is Jeffrey Tsang, a Canadian sailor and photographer who’s been filming incredible videos to share details of life on the sea with the world. Below is one of his recent videos which shows a 2-week sail around the East Coast. 14 days of footage are condensed in this 10-minute video that will take you on a unique journey.

In order to make this video, Tsang had to take over 60,000 images along with 500GB of video files. “After transiting Panama Canal, our ship cross the Caribbean Sea into the Atlantic Ocean and arrive at New York, Savannah then Charleston. The timelapse was taken over a span of 15 days, some less interesting parts were speed up or faded out (cargo work, daylight hours with no clouds). Most night shots were done on 25-second shutter speed at 30 seconds interval, with port arrivals and departures at 4~8s interval,” he wrote in the description.

You can find many more amazing videos on Tsang’s Youtube channel. He has almost half a million followers and it’s clear why. His videos offer a unique insight into the life of a sailor and that’s something most of us can’t experience in any other way.