Check Chicago Off Your To-See List Pronto

Photo by Pedro Lastra on Unsplash

Chicago is one of the most exciting but modest cities in America. What makes it so special is that there are tons of historic activities and places to see, but there is much to discover within each neighborhood of the city. The architecture is unique and truly all stunning, mostly thanks to the Great Chicago fire in the late 19th century when people began to think hard about the design and materials that were going into the buildings. So if you want to explore a big city that feels more like a big town, go to Chicago.

What to Do

One of the most enthralling places to see art is the Art Institute of Chicago. There you will find famous permanent exhibits like the miniatures, a series of hundreds of miniature rooms created to look in the style of many different time periods, as well as world famous paintings like American Gothic. There are also incredible exhibits that are only found there because of the link to the students at SAIC, the school that actually created the museum. The museum allows free admission on Thursdays from 5-8, so don’t miss your chance!

The Chicago Cultural Center is another must-see place in the city. Originally built as the central library of Chicago, it is now a gathering space for students, organizations, and puts on fascinating exhibits. The admission is always free, and the building itself is worthwhile to see as it is decorated in intricate mosaic design and Tiffany’s lighting fixtures in almost every room.

For another free activity, visit the Garfield Park Conservatory. The complex is full of beautiful and exotic plants and trees that will really take your breath away. Although it is free admission, they do have a donation box at the front, so give a little and keep this botanical paradise open for all.

Food and Nightlife

With it’s large Polish and Ukrainian population, one of the most popular dishes to have in Chicago is actually pierogis. Delicious stuffed dumplings served with caramelized onions and sour cream is just what you need after a day of exploring. Some of the best places to get them from are Pierogi Heaven and Shokolad.

For famous deep dish pizza, head over to Lou Malnati’s. This local chain can be found in most parts of the city, and is really your typical deep dish masterpiece.

Famous American chef Grant Achatz’s restaurant Alinea is also located in Chicago. Everything the chef produces is thought-provoking, sometimes puzzling, and always beyond delicious.

If you’re looking for a fun night out dancing and sip cheap cocktails, head over to Danny’s, the oldest bar in the city! The music is a great blend of old and new, but don’t forget to bring cash because they don’t accept credit cards.