Cameroon: an Under-Explored Gem of Africa

Photo by Edouard TAMBA on Unsplash

With 54 countries, Africa is a huge continent with much to explore. Although South Africa, Victoria Falls, and the beautiful beaches of the Indian Ocean are more common tourist attractions, many countries, including Cameroon, are amazing places to get a different vibe of the continent. Here are a few things you shouldn’t miss in this beautiful country.

Lobe Waterfalls

The waterfalls of Lobe are a rare sight in which the water goes directly into the ocean. Along the coast, there is about a one-kilometer area in which there are quite a few of these waterfalls splashing directly into the Atlantic Ocean, the tallest one being about 60 feet.

Dja Faunal Reserve

This UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the largest and best-protected rain forests in the world that forms the important Congo Basin. It is known for its diversity of primates including mandrill, gorilla, and chimpanzee- not something you see every day in the heavy tourist areas of Southern Africa!

Foumban Royal Palace

A historic palace in the city of Foumban, it was constructed in the early 20th century, and the palace museum tells the story of the Bamum dynasty. Ibrahim Njoya is the most famous of the palace’s residents, as he helped shape the region by inventing a writing system, a corn grinding machine, and had 681 wives!