Brussels Spots That Every Beer Lover Must See

Photo by mnm.all on Unsplash

Brussels, Belgium is, without a doubt, a mecca for beer lovers. The Belgian capital is home to a large number of bars that serve up artisan suds to thirsty customers, as well as more than a few notable breweries.

If you are planning a trip to Brussels and you love beer, be sure to put these spots on your must-visit list.

Delirium Cafe

This Brussels staple, whose name comes from one of Belgium’s most famous beers, is an absolute spectacle that must be seen to believed. With over 400 beers on tap and over 2,000 bottled beers available, including a selection of Belgium’s best, this centrally-located bar is the top place to drink in the city.

Brasserie Cantillon

Are you a fan of funky, sour beers? This Anderlecht brewery, a short metro ride away from the center of Brussels, is the world’s best-rated lambic brewery. This special type of beer, which uses wild yeast in the air for fermentation, is produced at this charming, family-opened brewery that is open for daily tours.

Brussels Beer Project

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the world’s most foremost beer city also has a standout modern-style craft brewery. Brussels Beer Project is a unique brewery that produces a range of styles from IPAs to more traditional Belgian styles based on the desires of customers. This is a great place to grab a drink and enjoy some of the city’s most creative beers.