Balibola is Indonesia’s Most Instagram Friendly Vegan Spot

Bali is home to many extremely Instagrammable cafés, but Balibola took things to a whole new level. It will win you over with its pastel-colored murals and retro setting, but you’ll stick around for beautifully arranged vegan meals.

Janet and Adeline who founded Balibola wanted everyone to feel included at their dream restaurant, and that’s how they came up with the idea for Bali’s first flexitarian café. Their menu mostly consists of plant-based meals but also features dishes containing fish, dairy and eggs.

Two best friends came up with a menu filled with healthy brunch options, but their desserts became an absolute must-have. Smoothie bowls, ricotta pancakes, and delicious waffles became Balibola’s signature treats thanks to their amazing taste and picture-perfect look.

Balibola founders also put a lot of effort into the retro décor of this vegan oasis and tried to make it as welcoming as their menu.

“From the exterior, the burst of sugar-pop baby color palettes will stop you in your tracks. Upon entering you will be greeted with an abundance of greenery and whimsical paintings,” reads their official website.