All the Reasons to Go to Aruba

Oranjestad, Aruba
Photo by Jamie Tudor on Unsplash

Here’s a fun fact: there is a part of The Netherlands floating in the Caribbean Sea. The little island of Aruba, which comes from the Cauquetio term for “well-situated island”, has been an autonomous member of the Kingdom of The Netherlands since the 1950s. Multiculturalism is just one of the reasons to visit Aruba—these are some others.


Meaning “orange city”, the capital of Aruba is filled with Dutch colonial architecture and an unmistakable Caribbean vibe. It is home to several museums and is a fantastic place to go shopping as there are many stores which are duty-free.

Eagle Beach

Turquoise waters will welcome you as you arrive at Eagle Beach. Regarded as one of the best beaches around the world, it is known for its powdery white sand that stretches from end to end. Place a cocktail in hand and you’re set. 

Antilla Shipwreck

The SS Antilla was a cargo ship built for trade between Germany and the Caribbean during the Second World War. It was scuttled by its own crew in 1940 and is today the largest shipwreck dive in the Caribbean. Divers can explore the wreck which is covered in tube sponges and coral and is a favorite amongst the tropical fish.