5 Reasons to Visit Novi Sad While in Serbia

Novi Sad
Novi Sad. Image by boggy22/Depositphotos

Serbia is one of Europe’s most underrated countries, and most people who visit it don’t go too far from its capital of Belgrade. If you want to explore some other beautiful places that this tiny Eastern European country has in store, its second-largest city of Novi Sad is a good place to start.

Day Trip Destination

Even if you don’t want to explore it fully, Novi Sad is a perfect day-trip destination from Belgrade. It’s easy to reach and you can check out all the top spots in a few hours thanks to its tiny size.

Rich History

The history of Novi Sad is really interesting to explore since it’s been under both Ottoman and Habsburg rule over the centuries.

Amazing Architecture

You’ll notice tiny architectural wonders on every turn as you walk through Novi Sad. Petrovaradin Fortress and the Name of Mary Church are two of its most popular sights.

Beautiful Surroundings

After exploring Novi Sad to the fullest, take some time to get out of the city. Fruška Gora National Park is easily accessible by car or bus, and you can explore its many monasteries or go on a hiking adventure.

Art and Culture

Novi Sad is often described as the capital of Serbian culture. You can find many amazing museums and art galleries in the city, and the street art scene is also booming. One of Europe’s biggest music festivals, the EXIT festival, takes place in this city.