Photo by Mark König on Unsplash

Berlin’s food scene is as diverse and vibrant as its history. The city offers a wealth of culinary experiences beyond the usual suspects. So why not embark on a delicious adventure with these five must-try Berlin bites?


This iconic dish, a bratwurst doused in a savory, tangy curry ketchup, is a true Berliner staple. Find it at currywurst stands throughout the city, customize your spice level, and pair it with crispy fries for the ultimate comfort food experience.

Königsberger Klopse

This Prussian classic features tender veal meatballs smothered in a creamy white sauce with capers and lemon. Enjoy it with mashed potatoes or rice for a heartwarming and sophisticated meal.

Döner Kebap

Forget the greasy stereotypes, Berlin’s döner kebabs are an art form. Layers of succulent, marinated meat are shaved off a vertical rotisserie and piled onto fresh bread with crisp vegetables and creamy sauces.


Try the classic Wiener Schnitzel with a squeeze of lemon, or explore gourmet versions with creative toppings like mushrooms, cheese, or even truffles.

Vegan Delights

Berlin is a haven for plant-based eaters, with countless vegan restaurants. Indulge in hearty “pulled-pork” sandwiches made with jackfruit, pasta dishes with cashew-based sauces, or grab a smoothie bowl to start your day.