3 Things You Must Do in the Capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Check out the city of Sarajevo
Photo by Damir Bosnjak on Unsplash

Sarajevo is the capital of the small European country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Throughout history, it hasn’t always been a happy place and a visit to today’s Sarajevo is not complete without seeing scars of its wars. The city, however, also has a lot of nice things to offer so here are some experiences you shouldn’t miss.

Visit Sunnyland

Sunnyland is the first entertainment park with an Alpine Coaster in Bosnia. It only takes a five-minute drive to reach it from the city and it offers plenty of fun activities for the whole family. The roller coaster ride is fun, and afterward you can rest in a cafe or check out the rest of the park.

Delicious Food

If you’ve ever been to the Balkans before, you know that each country has its own delicacies to be proud of, and Bosnia is no different. Cevapi, a dish made of minced and grilled meat served in a bun with onions is the most famous dish that you must try.

See the Sarajevo Haggadah

If you want to learn about Jewish history, check out the Sarajevo Haggadah, the guide to the Passover seder. It was written in Barcelona in the 14th century and is believed to be the oldest version of Haggadot in the world.