3 Things to Be Aware of When Staying in Hostels

Hostel room
Image by danilkorolev/Depositphotos

Hostels are a great choice for travelers looking to save money and have some fun experiences. However, with a cheap price inevitably comes some sacrifices. While most of these will feel worth it for the savings, it’s a good idea to still be quite cautious about certain aspects of your stay. Here are some important things to always keep in mind when staying in hostels. 

The Bathrooms 

You can’t expect spotless bathrooms when you’re paying so little for your accommodation. But it’s always a good idea to be quite vigilant with the hygiene levels and take any precautions needed to avoid germs. Just be cautious about placing personal items on the floor or surfaces without checking they’re clean first. 

The Security 

You may well have a good system in place for looking after your valuables while traveling. But just be aware that in hostels with shared rooms, you might need to be a bit wary about leaving precious things around and if in doubt just keep it on your person. It may be worth asking if they have any lockers available when you first arrive. 

The Location 

Similarly to the bathrooms, you can’t be too picky when it comes to the location of your super affordable accommodation. However, just try to get a sense of the area when you first arrive. If you get any sense that it might not be safe to walk in alone at night, then don’t risk anything and ask the reception for details of public transport in the area.