3 Reasons Why Korean Temple Cuisine is Perfect for Foodies

Photo by Jakub Kapusnak on Unsplash

Many temples offer short or long stays these days and that’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy their food. There are even specialized temple food restaurants in Seoul if that fits your schedule better. One of them, called the Korean Temple Food Center, even offers cooking classes you can take if you want to learn the secrets of Korean temple food.

Traveling to Buddhist temples in South Korea gives you a chance to try traditional temple cuisine and here are three reasons why that’s a great thing.

Slow Food

If you like the concept of slow living and slow eating, you can experience it in the best way at Korean temples. Their cuisine is based on Buddhist philosophy and celebrates being healthy, minimalist, and eco-friendly.

Delicious Meals

Temple food follows some boundaries but thrives within its limitations. It’s like art—take away some resources and you’ll see the creativity at its best. By using locally grown ingredients, Buddhists make sure they stay true to their beliefs.

Wonderful Kimchi

The traditional side dish Kimchi is something you will receive with every meal. Its beauty is in many variations, so you can taste completely different Kimchi based on the region you visit.